Thursday cake day: Cheese Wedding Cakes

Images (left – right): 1, 2 & 3 from The Fine Cheese Co.; 4 from Martha Stewart

Images (left – right): 1, 2 & 3 from The Fine Cheese Co.; 4 from Martha Stewart

Today I have something different for you. Have you ever thought of cheese for your wedding cake?

These days you’ll find that not many guest eat cake at weddings as they mostly have too much wine. So why not a cake made from cheese to go with the wine? This will be something new and exciting that will have your guest talking – infact long after your wedding!

That being said, I have a surprise/treat for you…

DIY cheese wedding cakes:

Images: Just Judy

Images: Just Judy

I’m sure you can find a company that will create a cake from cheese for you, but I think it’s more fun and personal to build your own. So, here is how!

To start, you will have to find a good and cost effective cheese supplier. Try out your local cheesemakers and give your guest a taste of the region. It’s important to source a variety of cheeses, like you would for a good cheese board. Finding a hard cheese and maybe a blue cheese might be a good place to start. Depending on your wedding theme bear in mind the colour of the cheese, you should also try to find similar shapes of cheese with different strengths that comes in wheels and are suitable for stacking, (wet or fruit flavoured cheese’s are a big no-no as they might melt). You will need about 100g of cheese per guest or a minimum of 4kg per 50 guests.

To get the traditional wedding cake you would ideally need three to five layers of cheese, graduating from large too small. Small goat’s cheese pieces could be added between layers if needed.

Let’s get stacking! To create a rustic look use a wedding cake stand on top of a trunk base. Perhaps have your local sawmill sand and wax the base for you?
Stack each layer directly on top of each other, (you could put grease paper between layers).
Now for the fun part: use fresh or dried fruit, herbs, crackers, ribbon and/or edible flowers to decorate your cake. Honey could also be drizzled over your cake to create an extra bit of decadence.
And there you go, a personalised unique wedding cake made from cheese.

Today I was inspired by a
n article that appeared in the February Cap Classique newsletter and featured on the southboundbride’s blog: Here are the links:

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