Eco-Designer: Adele Wechsler

Newton&Strauss bridal design studio adele-wechsler

With six Eco couture collections so far, Adele Wechsler is capturing timeless beauty while focusing on nature to inspire her. She also has a plus size Eco collection.

Adel is able to offer her brides an Eco-friendly option with all the luxury of couture gowns by infusing elements like certified organic silk and hemp, remnant lace and fabric, vegetable dyes and hand cut designs; all produced using fair trade labour.

These materials might seem primitive, but the designs are thoroughly modern and appealing. From traditional gorgeous to minimalist chic to bohemian whimsy these gowns are lightweight and ethereal. Her Eco couture collections can be described as “breezy, windswept and free flowing’ evoking feelings of feminine romance.

This South African designer is making gowns “for the bride who cares about the world in which she lives” in Canada where the company is based.

Here are some tips on how the groom’s attire can be Eco-friendly too.

 “The groom can wear a vintage suit, or one he already owns. If he is going to buy or order a custom suit, have it made in breathable hemp and silk blends. If the groom is planning on renting a tuxedo, check that the rental company uses an Eco-friendly dry cleaner.”

-Ansunel Strauss

References: Adele Wechsler


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