Wednesday Inspiration: Eco Rustic weddings

rusticWednesday Inspiration: an Eco Rustic wedding
This week we are focusing on Eco friendly rustic wedding designs and inspirations. This Eco Rustic theme is becoming popular with more brides all over the world and is a trend that will continue to grow. With the economy in the state it is currently in and petrol prices going up every month, Eco-friendly weddings can be beneficial for both the environment and your budget.What are your thoughts on Eco-friendly weddings?You are probably imagining ugly brown paper bags and dried out branches with unattractive wedding dresses and no attention to detail.Well, think again. Now more than ever you can be Eco-kind and have the glamorous and elegant wedding of your dreams. Eco Rustic weddings can be elegant and classy or warm and casual. While planning, the setting is the most important, followed by small details like romantic lighting and twigs or branches in your centre pieces. You could even focus on ferns, leaves, limes, succulents and so on for an alternative to floral centrepieces.
Brides should definitely look at recycling things they already own or can get at a good discount. This will help with cutting cost and being friendly to your environment.Today we will be looking at Eco-wedding dress designers. I must admit, although this is a big trend it was hard to find designers that have Eco collections that are worth your while.
Hope you find something to fall in love with…
Eco-Designers: Hafzi: Leila Hafzi started in Norway back in 1997 while a few fashion brands talked about globalization, empowerment of women and Eco-conscious products from developing countries. Thus a new voice and leading lady was born in the ethical and Eco-conscious trade inspiring the fashion industry into a global shift.Leila’s designs can be recognized by their romantic, feminine, and bohemian look combined with an innovative fusion of themes inspired mostly by Norway, Persia, Greece, Nepal and different cultures.

The cotton bride: Kris Cole and the VCD collection.PARTHENA-by-the-cotton-bride-700x1050The VCD collection was specifically designed for a relaxed, nature-inspired wedding with a lightweight, airy and stylish collection of dresses to choose from.
These dresses are designed to harmoniously blend in with the natural environment and are virtually free of sparkle.

Designer, Chris Cole, constructs classic silhouettes using only 100% natural silk, cotton and linen fabrics under the highest standard of couture workmanship. Now, almost 5 years later The Cotton Bride continues to stand alone as a beacon of innovative design and creativity.

So, be it a farm, vineyard, mountain or sea wedding. I hope you can find some inspiration for your exquisite, subtle and sophisticated Eco dress…

Pure Magnolia Couture: Eco Dresses for the Uncompromising Bride il_570xN.412018082_j6ng_2

In 2009 owner Patty Nayel started Pure Magnolia as a side project while working full time as a Technical Designer. She was passionate about living green and found that there weren’t options for the Eco-kind bride. Thus, today all there dresses can be found in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia where they are hand made by four talented ladies using sustainable fabric, organic cotton, reconstituted silk and reclaimed vintage lace.

They also modernise old wedding dresses, working with you to create your dream dress at an affordable price, while doing something good for the planet.

Katherine Feiel:gall-ella1 Being an advocate of the slow fashion-movement, Katherine Feiel creates nature inspired designs in her studio on a small island in Nova Scotia for her own business called Fairy Fashion Wedding Gowns. She currently design under two labels.

Katherine collects vintage fabrics and makes a point of only buying fairly traded raw materials from developing nations. She uses the discarded fabrics of beaded silk and wools, tapestries, handmade laces and vintage wedding gowns, to create new pieces. She also gives outdated beaded garments a new life by incorporating it into her new designs.

The gowns Katherine makes are bespoke, meaning the clients dress is made to their exact body measurements and will require no fittings or alterations. There for the dresses can be shipped worldwide with a guarantee to fit perfectly. “This means it’s up to you to stay the same size while your dress gets made.”

These dresses can take weeks, because of the detail involved, therefore each dress becomes a labour of love for Katherine as she sews them all by herself.

Adele Wechsler: With six Eco couture collections so far, Adele Wechsler is capturing timeless b eauty while focusing on nature to inspire her. She also has a plus size Eco collection.

Adel is able to offer her brides an Eco-friendly charlestonweddingsoption with all the luxury of couture gowns by infusing elements like certified organic silk and hemp, remnant lace and fabric, vegetable dyes and hand cut designs; all produced using fair trade labour.

These materials might seem primitive, but the designs are thoroughly modern and appealing. From traditional gorgeous to minimalist chic to bohemian whimsy these gowns are lightweight and ethereal. Her Eco couture collections can be described as “breezy, windswept and free flowing’ evoking feelings of feminine romance.

This South African designer is making gowns “for the bride who cares about the world in which she lives” in Canada where the company is based.

Here are some tips on how the groom’s attire can be Eco-friendly too.“The groom can wear a vintage suit, or one he already owns. If he is going to buy or order a custom suit, have it made in breathable hemp and silk blends. If the groom is planning on renting a tuxedo, check that the rental company uses an Eco-friendly dry cleaner.”

Celia Grace: Celia Grace is a Eco wedding dress company using a fair trade system to empower their women’s sewing group and their surrounding communities.

Celia-Grace-Tea-Length-Wedding-Dress-150x150What is Fair Trade?

“Almost half the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 per day and poverty kills hundredsof children every hour. Fair Trade is a global movement to end poverty by giving you the ability to vote with your dollars for the kind of world you want–one where people are paid a living wage, work in safe and fair conditions, and can break the cycle of poverty.Celia Grace is proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation.”

Each dress is made with great care, exquisite craftsmanship, light-as-air silk heirloom and vintage-inspired lace to create a fun, gorgeous, flattering and comfortable wedding dresses.

As the norm goes, wedding dresses are usually made from highly polluting petroleum based polyester, but thi

s is not true for Celia Grace’s company as they…
• uses natural silk woven on a no-electricity loom
• minimizes use of chemicals by colouring fabric with safe, non-toxic dyes when needed
• uses very little water and energy in silk making and colouring
• uses silk local to where dresses are produced to minimize shipping
• Most of our fabrics are hand woven on traditional wooden looms in rural villages.

This means your wedding dress is made out of gorgeous, heirloom silk like nothing else available on the market today. It also means that Celia Grace is putting money directly into the hands of rural women (who live far from electricity, good schools, or hospitals) so that they can keep themselves and their families healthy and strong, send their girls to school, and increase their self-confidence and respect in the community.

Hope you found some inspiration
kind regards
Ansunel Strauss

Newton&Strauss bridal design studio anna

The cotton bride
Kris Cole or visit The Cotton Bride page on Facebook.
Katherine Feiel
Leila Hafzi
Celia Grace

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