Eco designer: Katherine Feiel

Being an advocate of the slow fashion-movement, Katherine Feiel creates nature inspired designs in her studio on a small island in Nova Scotia for her own business called Fairy Fashion Wedding Gowns. She currently design under two labels.

Newton&Strauss bridal design studio Marie
Katherine collects vintage fabrics and makes a point of only buying fairly traded raw materials from developing nations. She uses the discarded fabrics of beaded silk and wools, tapestries, handmade laces and vintage wedding gowns, to create new pieces. She also gives outdated beaded garments a new life by incorporating it into her new designs.

The gowns Katherine makes are bespoke, meaning the clients dress is made to their exact body measurements and will require no fittings or alterations. There for the dresses can be shipped worldwide with a guarantee to fit perfectly. “This means it’s up to you to stay the same size while your dress gets made.”

These dresses can take weeks, because of the detail involved, therefore each dress becomes a labour of love for Katherine as she sews them all by herself.

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