Eco-design: The Cotton Bride/Kris Cole

homeKris Cole and the VCD collection.

The VCD collection was specifically designed for a relaxed, nature-inspired wedding with a lightweight, airy and stylish collection of dresses to choose from. These dresses are designed to harmoniously blend in with the natural environment and are virtually free of sparkle.

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Designer, Chris Cole, constructs classic silhouettes using only 100% natural silk, cotton and linen fabrics under the highest standard of couture workmanship. Now, almost 5 years later The Cotton Bride continues to stand alone as a beacon of innovative design and creativity.

So, be it a farm, vineyard, mountain or sea wedding. I hope you can find some inspiration for your exquisite, subtle and sophisticated Eco dress…

– Ansunel Strauss
The cotton bride (
Kris Cole or visit The Cotton Bride page on Facebook.


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